Mobile is Everywhere. Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

In recent months, Google (the big Social Media gorilla in the virtual room – like it or not) has placed a greater emphasis on mobile.  One of the most obvious examples is the Google results page. The results show whether your website is mobile friendly or not, when you create the search request on a mobile device. {See the image on the right.}

Google Results of a Mobile Optimized websiteWhat does this mean to you? It means that a person will be LESS likely to visit a website that is NOT mobile friendly. Especially if there is a competing business website that IS mobile friendly. Websites that are not mobile friendly (also known as a responsive website) are more difficult to browse, and harder to view on a mobile device, which can be very annoying to users on a mobile device.

So what should you do? The first step is to find out if your website is mobile friendly. Google thoughtfully provides an easy way to test your website. Click Here to take the test.

If you haven’t reviewed your website in the last couple of years, now is a good time.

Next Step! You need to watch this 30 minute webinar on “Harnessing the Power of Mobile.

Participants will learn how to use mobile technology to promote yourselves and drive more business. You’ll learn:

  • Why mobile makes local listings more important than ever
  • How to drive action with mobile marketing
  • How to create content with and for mobile

Remember. Mobile internet usage is growing fast – in addition to searching, more people are starting to receive and read your emails with their smartphones. And more businesses are starting to use mobile to create marketing communications and make it easy for their customers to buy from them. Join me for this webinar to make mobile a part of your business.

Click Here to Watch the webinar.