Reputation Management

You are ALWAYS open on Social Media!

Your Reputation is Everything. Negative comments about your or your business can be extremely bad for your business. Unless you have a Reputation Management plan to protect and strengthen your brand.

One of the strangest aspects of Reputation Management is that your next potential customer or client is reading about the opinion of a complete stranger and placing a fairly high value on that opinion. Most people will now do a quick “Google Search” on a business or service before they come try you out. And if you don’t know what is said. . . then you have a high probability of never seeing that potential customer.

Now more than ever, managing your online reputation is critical to the success of your business.

When it comes to using the internet and social media to leverage your business we understand the overwhelming amount of information that is literally at your finger tips!

Did you know that:

  • As of December 2014 there were over 1.39 billion active users of Facebook.
  • 80+{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} of Americans use a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
  • When deciding between 2 hotels, 65{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} of people say that seeing a management response would sway them to book with the responding hotel.
  • Over 40{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} of Social Media users access their accounts through their mobile device. . . maybe they are looking for a place to eat or maybe they are sitting inside your restaurant. That’s a lot of potential customers!
  • Nearly 90{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} of online consumers will use reviews to help them make a purchase decision. And 45{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} will use their smart phones, which means they will make their decision almost immediately.
  • 32{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} of business travelers post reviews of places they’ve been.
  • 23 percent of have reviewed a hotel, restaurant, or attraction they’ve visited using a mobile device while on a trip.
    The first step for many businesses is to address the growing number of review sites that many mobile users now access when deciding where to travel, eat, and play. Sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Yahoo, and Google offer the opportunity for customers to review their experience in an effort to help others make informed choices. Monitoring these review sites is vital to your overall success.

Thanking customers for a positive review shows that you sincerely appreciate their feedback. Addressing negative reviews in a timely manner also shows that you care about the customer’s experience. Although you cannot go back in time and change their negative experience you can open an honest line of communication with them and perhaps bring them back in the door again. Addressing negative reviews also shows potential customers that you strive to improve!

Ignoring your positive and/or negative reviews leaves you totally in the dark as to what is being posted publicly about your business and you also miss the opportunity to have your “virtual voice” heard.

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