About Us

Media Barker is all about helping small businesses, non-profits, and other organizations use the power of Digital Marketing (email, social media, website, reputation management, SEO, and more) to grow your business, special events, or fundraising.

Our mission at Media Barker is to help YOU, to help every organization find the right digital tools to properly implement their Digital Marketing Plan: build credibility, help marketing be more affordable, create a fast response, enhance your brand, increase website traffic, engage your customers, and occasionally go viral.

We specialize in developing and implementing customized Digital Marketing strategies that fully integrate your traditional marketing with your online marketing. This includes your email marketing, social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.), website, online reputation management, newsletters, radio, TV, newspapers, and anything else you use to promote your business, products, or services. 

What is the goal of your Digital Marketing? Your goal is not to be good with your various digital channels, your goal should be to have a better business BECAUSE of your various digital channels. We define Digital Media as ALL things on the internet. Website, Email, Review Sites, Search Sites, Social Sites, and anything that can be discovered on the internet. (Some people will add phones and traditionally mailed newsletters.) 

FREE TIP #1: Protect Your Brand: You are no longer the sole keeper of your brand. Whatever you do off-line affects your on-line brand (and vice versa), so monitoring and managing online and offline discussions should be part of a single branding strategy. 

FREE TIP #2: Engage Your Customers: Customers do care about their experiences, both online and offline. They interact with your company in a variety of ways; marketing, sales, customer service, social media, and more. When all these elements are integrated in a positive experience, customer loyalty is the result. And a loyal customer can EASILY be an on-line champion for you to all THEIR friends. Thus, the power of Digital Marketing is beginning to work for you.

A Little About the President and Owner, Tom Brown.

Tom Brown is the Founder and CEO of Media Barker, where he leverages his 30+ years of experience in email and social media marketing, project planning, event marketing, management, communications, and PR techniques. This valuable experience plus his own internal techniques and processes, customized to clients’ needs, allows him to deliver new and unique solutions to clients.

Tom is a certified partner with multiple organizations and offers training webinars, live seminars, and keynote addresses on a wide variety of Digital Marketing techniques including best practices. He is centered in Upstate New York – Northern Pennsylvania and has been known to travel around the globe.

Currently, he is active in the international organization, Rotary. He is the Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 32, past Public Image Coordinator for NY District 7120, and past president for the Elmira Rotary Club. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Tom has been married to Shawnie for 25+ years and has two beautiful girls, 23 & 20. He is also an Eagle Scout, a 3rd degree Karate Black Belt and Martial Arts & Self-Defense instructor and competitor. He has served on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations and is active with his church and other organizations in the Corning, Elmira, and Twin Tiers communities. Always in search of more to learn more, he is starting a new hobby of blacksmithing and knife forging.

In regard to social media and digital marketing, Tom likes to say, “For businesses to thrive in the future, they need to have a strategic Digital Marketing presence. Integrating social media, and other digital marketing aspects into their existing business infrastructure or special events is a challenge to most businesses and organizations. My passion is helping them do that successfully.”

For Social Media and Email Marketing to work properly, you need a quality website. And that is why we have Greg Breen.

Greg is an extremely talented Creative Director, and has been working in the design and multimedia industry for over ten years, holding positions from Designer, Producer and Project Manager to Art Director and Creative Director. He is a dedicated professional and life-long learner. Greg thrives on the relationship he builds with our clients.