Protect Your Website and Your Business Now

Easily get your website compliant with the Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). This is nothing to mess with, if your business has a website it MUST be ADA compliant. There has been a surge in website owners getting lawsuits because of non-compliance with the ADA. In New York City, there were more than 1,700 legal cases related to non-compliances cases in the year 2020. We use ADA Widget Pro, and you should too.

Email Marketing to Rule them All.

For businesses to grow & thrive in the future, they need to have a strong Email Marketing strategy & an integrated Social Media presence. Helping small businesses integrate Email, Social Media and the Internet into your existing business can be a challenge. My passion is helping do that successfully.

Website Design & Development

Beautiful websites designed to deliver results. We create websites that are not only optimized for mobile (a must in today’s internet), but actually help you grow your business and make you money.
Social Media is the Frosting. . . Email Marketing is the Cake. Email is the BEST way to connect with your current customers and build value with your next customer. Try one our free Email Marketing Starter / Audit Packages

Our mission at Media Barker is to help businesses take advantage of Email Marketing, Social Media & the Internet. Properly implemented, these can: build credibility, help marketing be more affordable, create a fast response, enhance your brand, increase web site traffic, engage your customers, and occasionally go viral.