Consulting & Training

Expert Guidance for Better Results

Discovering where you are can help determine where you need to go. Having a consultant can help you get there by guiding and speeding things along.

We can share our first-hand knowledge of the Social Media and E-mail Marketing industry to help you define and implement your goals and business objectives. We like to think of it as a partnership, where we work together to develop and implement solutions that are easily executed and profitable.

Besides consulting, we conduct seminars, webinars, consulting, one-on-one and group training, as well as custom workshops on e-mail marketing, social media marketing, strategy, and more. Our interactive presentations cover emerging social and technology trends, the power of email, the power of branding, practical application of today’s top social networking sites and essential tips, best practices and strategies on how businesses can leverage the power of social media and digital tools to achieve their goals.

In this new digital age, cookie-cutter solutions just don’t work anymore. Your web presence, your email newsletters, your social media presence, and even your traditional advertising all need to become fully integrated.

Our Consulting Approach to Helping You Create a Strategy.

  • Listen & Learn. We work with each client to learn about your individual business personality, your short and long term goals, your place within the local community, and what you want to do. We look at your “digital footprint” and we also learn what the internet is saying about you.
  • Plan & Strategy. Based on first stage, we will establish requirements. Then we work to develop an online marketing strategy based on what we learned. Here is where we determine which tools and Social Networks (if any) to use. We establish a baseline, set measurable goals and a time frame for those goals.
  • Create & Implement. This is where the engagement starts and includes training your employees. Content generation, curation, and publication are vital to success. Good content leads to conversation/engagement, engagement builds relationships, and relationships evolve into new customers and better customers.
  • Measure & Review. Here we monitor, measure, and adjust. Success and less-than-success, are both very important data points that drive the growth and direction of the plan and strategy. Being responsive to the constantly changing environment is important.

The bottom line is . . . we can help leverage the power of email and social media marketing and help your business grow. If it’s a one-time need for a project or a customized package with consulting and training services to help you optimize your ongoing marketing programs, we got you covered! Schedule your free initial consultation and see if we are a good fit for each other.