We love music. It drives our soul. And people definitely know what they like to listen to to relax, or when they want to get up and dance.

The hit single, “Uptown Fun” from Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson definitely fall into the second category. But creativity never stops at the music. It is also expressed in the dance. And for those of us that can’t dance, we can enjoy the dancing of others. Two very different, but similar dance mashups have been created to Bruno’s song. Different generations of dance.

How in the world would someone think to add Fred Astaire, Shrek, Lucille Ball, Pulp Fiction, Gene Kelly, Grease (x2), Judy Garland, Magic Mike, and the Ritz Brothers, to name a very few to a song like Uptown Funk? That’s the inspiration that these two creators were inspired by and thus they have gone viral. Because it strikes a chord.

The first mashup video was uploaded September 10, 2015 and has almost 10 million views. They squeezed the dance scenes from 100 movies into this mashup video. It’s a wonderful flashback to us movie freaks. I recognized almost all of them. (How many have you seen?) What about the Viralness? “What’s the Mashup” has been doing mashup videos for over a year, and now have over 60,000 subscribers. That will definitely help a quality video go viral. Their previous best was just over 1 million views.  That puts this video at about 1000{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} more views than their previous video. Nice job.  

And as usual, a quality video that strikes a chord inspires others.  Nerd Fest UK created his own mashup to Uptown Funk using the dance scenes from 66 OLD CLASSIC movies from the Golden Days. **Hint: one was even a silent film. Guess the film.** Nerd Fest UK uploaded his October 6, 2015 and he is already over 300,000 views in less than a month. Now this channel has been around years longer, but mostly just dabbling with YouTube. In fact they only have 6 videos and their previous best was 906 views, and they less than 300 subscribers. And by comparison he has 35,000{a693e3da8ed473a832134816c07ef76fbff43db3efb90ebffcf0f1dc571402e9} more views than his next most viewed video. THAT’S viral. And I am sure he is not done.  Personally, I like this one more. I think it would be just a bit harder to find the video clips of these movies.

And a quick mention of short videos, Vines.  Current favorite is the “duck army” with over 134 million views. It is addictive. And I have heard it as a ring tone more than once. But as stated above, viral breeds inspiration. Check these out:

Remember, Duck Army can be addictive. You have been warned.