Affiliate & Amazon Disclosure

Why does this page even exist?

I get asked to recommend tools, tips, tricks, ideas, products, services, and a lot more to my clients, friends, and strangers (although, they end up being a client or friend soon enough, LOL). 

So, instead of replying to emails, texts, and questions at presentations and trainings, I figured it was time to create a master list of everything I recommend. And because I like to make easy money when I can, if the recommended product or service has an affiliate or referral program, I signed up for it.

That being said, not all my recommendations have affiliate links, but most do. And if you click on enough of these magic links, I might be able to use all this extra free money to buy a mansion and retire, enjoying craft beer and whiskey. Oh, and keeping the wife happy too! Happy wife, happy life.

Doggie speaking about Required Legal Stuff.

And speaking of a happy life, I need to also keep Amazon happy and let you know that “as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”  Or in other terms, some of the links might send you to Amazon, and they might actually pay me a small commission.

The short version of the top 4 paragraphs is that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is in charge of making sure that people, and businesses, do business in a fair way and they require that I disclose that I might make a little extra money recommending stuff, that I would recommend anyway.

There should be no question that if I feel comfortable with a product or service and refer it to you, I don’t mind making a little extra money for that referral. I hope you would do the same. And in the spirit of a final legalese statement, we make no warranties, promises, representations, blah, blah, about the final suitability, reliability, timelessness, availability, accuracy, or security of the products or services, that I have found useful in the past and recommend you try for the future. Things change quickly, especially on the internet. 

Glazed Cat Eyes
Photo by adam kurzok from FreeImages (not an affiliate link. Just Saying.)

Did your eyes glaze over? Mine too. 

But now that that is accomplished, we can now enjoy our life, and hopefully, at least one of my recommendations has made your life easier.

And if you do end up using one of my recommendations, I truly, and sincerely, Thank YOU.